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Erasmus+ youth participation project

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges that humankind faces. In the face of a climate emergency, a fair transition towards carbon neutrality should be carried out so as not to leave anyone behind. Our Youth Work experience has proved that such transition can only be delivered through youth participation, with cooperation between all members of society from local to European authorities, civil society, and young people from all diverse backgrounds.


The objectives of the "Leaving No One Behind" project are:


Our project aims to open the Leaving no one behind in the transition to the climate neutrality topic, which is a subject of huge importance, in order for the Green Deal to be as successful as possible. 


What we want to achieve with the current project is to reach the most vulnerable and excluded first, by creating a youth participation project for the commitment to Leave No One Behind, we aim to show the importance of working towards inclusion in the climate change issue.


Youngsters with fewer opportunities are one of the most sufferings because of the climate crisis. We have designed the current project in order to fully support such youngsters to respond to the impact of climate change and contribute local youth efforts to climate solutions.

Leaving No One Behind Project is a very special project, aiming to include in the Global warming process everyone even the most vulnerable and excluded one. One of the main target groups of the project are the Roma youth and the youth  with fewer opportunities. We are currently implementing the project therefore you can join us

The knowledge about the green deal is crucial for every young person, because the more important a person is on a certain topic, the more able they are for making racinal and informed decisions. That is why we organised a two days (with a preparation) European Parliament simulation on the topic of the green deal on all of its spheres and dimensions. In the event attended 30 young people from our target group. We also included a hackathon part, where the youngsters had to create their own ideas on ways of protecting the environment in an effective way. The event was led by the first Innovation hub in Bulgaria- Innovation starter, with a facilitator Leona Aslanova. Our partners from Innovation starter set a prize for 1000 leva for the team which has the best working idea, which is also applicable in a short amount of time. The prize was won by a team which came up with the idea of creating a fountain of water for drinking, in the center, instead of using and buying plastic bottles. All of the outcomes of the event were more than admirable and we gladly invite you to all of our next events.

Keep Sliven Beautiful 

Our second event is about to happen on 2 and 3 rd of September in Sliven Bulgaria. 
We are looking for additional volunteers and participants that will help us collect as much trash as possible in polluted areas in the town. In case you are able to attend please contact us

Tackling the climate crisis with art 

Our third event is about to happen in the beginning of October- more precise dates are coming in few days The event is about painting one of the main benches in one of the best parks in Sliven “Junak” 

In case you are interested to attend please contact us on any of our communication channels or email

Be the change you want to see

The fourth event will happen in November and it is about restoration of an area, and making it beautiful and attractive for people to gather and to care about the environment

Generation Green 

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." In case you are interested in planting trees definitely contact us


Keep Sliven Beautiful


Our project's initiatives

As the damage posed by discrimination, including in Climate Change, increases it is more and more needed for organizations across the nation to work on developing the topic to bridge the gap. By sharing widely our project aims and results we expect to inspire other organizations to work on the topic and support its importance. Our project aims to have a positive impact on addressing the many harmful practices that worsen climate change along with environmental injustice towards the ones that suffer from it the most.
With the non-formal education methods, the project is going to expose young people to the topic of youth participation in the sphere of Climate Change which is going to result in a positive social change.

Creating change in Sliven: my experience with the project "Leaving No One Behind"

Hello everyone I would like to share my exciting experience within the Erasmus+ funded project "Leaving No One Behind". One of the most unforgettable moments was when we worked together with the team to paint a gazebo in Yunak Park in Sliven. It was not only an act of renewing the public space, but also a symbol of our commitment to the community. The experience taught me the value of the common good and the importance of volunteering. Working together, we learned the importance of caring for each other and the environment we live in. I can't express my gratitude enough for the opportunity to be a part of this project and make a positive difference in the community . Remember, it's important to continue to engage and create change in our communities! #LeavingNoOneBehind #ErasmusPlus

Participation in a simulation of the European Parliament and a hackathon on "Leaving no one behind"

The topic was related to the green deal and our view on it.We were divided into seven parliamentary groups: EPP - European People's Party; ALDE - Progressive Alliance of Social Democrats; Renew Europe; Greens - European Free Alliance; Identity and Democracy; ECR - European Conservatives and Reformists; Left Party.I had the honour of being the leader of our group, made up of five representatives (leader, speaker, secretary and two members), and that was the Left. Our policy was based mainly on: protection of children, mothers, pensioners; social reform in the EU due to the demographic crisis (priorities for the Green Deal); against hate speech and division, for peace; integrity and access to sovereign rights for all EU citizens.We debated and then voted as a Parliament.The next part of the event was a hackathon where we presented ideas for a greener city. It was very interesting and fun and I am looking forward to the next Academy For Active Youth and Erasmus+ event!

The Leaving No One Behind project is very special for me. Along the way I met many new and different people and made some of my closest friends. Taking part in different Erasmus+ activities helped me to become more confident and removed my fear of meeting new people. Along the Leaving No One Behind activities I met people of different nationalities, which improved my communication skills not only in my native language but also in a foreign language - English in particular. The people I met on this project are very different, smart, funny, creative and cool. For me, the most interesting part of the project was coloring the gazebo in Yunak Park. It was extremely fun. Every time I walk by the gazebo I remember the day we made it with a smile. I am grateful to the Erasmus+ organisers The Leaving No One Behind project has a very special place in my heart. I can't wait for the new Erasmus+ projects, to meet many new and different people, learn more new and interesting things and make many more friendships

Our Collection

Our initiatives are more than projects, they are meaningful experiences that lead you to your personal and career goals. They make us who we are today and that can make you- one better, more active and engaged young person. Do not hesitate to join the next Erasmus+ project you hear about. We are waiting for you

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