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The organization was founded on 17.12.2019. Some of us have always worked in the youth sector for different NGOs, others in the arts and culture, third in the development of youth politics, fourth of us are dealing professionally with digital media and technology, fifth with entrepreneurship, others with agricultural and rural development. We are all united by the idea of the fact that peers have the biggest power to influence other peers. That is why we work on setting an example of active and proactive youth, that doesn't blame the world for their problems, but seeks ways to improve them. Informal education and its promotion are a huge part of what we believe in. We know that informal education can develop the personal qualities of the youngsters for them one day to be young leaders and developers. Our main interests are working on involving young people in politics, social entrepreneurship, agriculture, self-development, and intercultural experiences and with these qualifications and inspirations to set an example from young people to other young people.

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