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KA 2 Erasmus + Cooperation Partnership Project

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Nowadays, young adults need to be continuously updated on how to start an entrepreneurial endeavour, but above all, they first need a change of perspective to understand and appreciate their positive potentials to show up their best.


They need to be trained first on their personal development and be empowered to set and achieve their objectives. SociallyAgile promotes social entrepreneurship through an innovative approach, helping youth progress from ideation to launch with a value proposition through the introduction and application of agile methodology. SociallyAgile is structured as a journey, made of several steps and challenges that young people 20-35 years old will need to take in order to reach their objective: they get introduced to business concepts, understand how they can implement an innovative idea in the field of social entrepreneurship, be trained and mentored and, finally launch their start-up. The logic behind the SociallyAgile project will contribute to their empowerment and boost their self-confidence, helping them feel more integrated and professionally and personally significant to society. Social entrepreneurship is most effective when the intervention target is informed by local experience. This means that social entrepreneurs are best positioned for success when they have a nuanced understanding — and perhaps even firsthand knowledge — of the social problems they aim to solve. On an individual level, citizens know their communities better than outsiders do. Researchers have found that a characteristic shared by some leading social entrepreneurs is their “intimate understanding of the problems they are trying to solve” (Abdou and others, 2010, p. 14). Essentially, young social entrepreneurs can draw from what may be best understood as a cultural fund of knowledge to implement authentically meaningful change. For these reasons, the SociallyAgile primary target group is youth 20-35 years old who wish to contribute to an improved and more inclusive community, while at the same time pursuing their professional objectives. To be effective, SociallyAgile includes critical elements such as the personal characteristics and motivational drives from unemployed youth. SociallyAgile will support them to regain self-confidence by identifying, strengthening, and applying their competencies. In this context, the SociallyAgile offers specific and feasible solutions to facilitate access to training of young people who want to be empowered and develop themselves and create societal impact. The project will support youth through an adult learning journey process and prototyping their business model ideas so that they can set up their own business following the principles of social economy. The primary aim of the project is to provide initial job experience while also building leadership skills and a sense of societal agency.

The objectives of the Socially Agile project and its partnership are to:

  • Acceleration of 8-12 business ideas in the participating countries for six months-Interactive Innovation Hub, the SociallyAgile platform

  • Policy recommendations

  • Digital presence development and dissemination activities

  • Research on social entrepreneurship

  • Training material development

  • Training pilot implementation

  • Accelerator program design and delivery

  • Development of the SociallyAgile platform

  • Policy recommendations development

  • Youth social entrepreneurship and social enterprise development" report in each country

  • An innovative methodological framework for the development of business ideas using Agile in the context of social entrepreneurship

  • Youth training course and toolkit applied to Social Entrepreneurship

We are actively resuming SociallyAgile - the youth social entrepreneurship project.


🌍 Social entrepreneurship: the intersection where mission meets purpose!


Social entrepreneurship is not just a business; it’s a process of creating a lasting, positive impact in the world. When this process meets a flexible and adaptive method known as 🌀 Agile Methodology, truly inspiring things are possible.


Why should Agile integrate into social entrepreneurship? 🤔

✨ Faster adaptation to change: the world's challenges are evolving; so must our solutions.

✨ Making shared decisions: work hand in hand to make a bigger impact.

✨ Iterative Learning: continuous feedback that our projects get better with each cycle.


If you have ever felt the urge to change something, combining the vision of social entrepreneurship with the dynamic Agile approach could be your guide! 🛤️


Join us on this exciting journey to make the world a better place, one step at a time! 🚀


Stay Updated!

In the beggining of 2024 we are going to launch our "Socially Agile" Platform. Stay tuned in order for you to be among the first registered in our Training program participant.
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