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In our organisation we do mainly Erasmus+ activities in the field of leaving no one behind on topics such as environment, equal rights and civic education. We also devote our efforts towards youth engagement in social issues, in politics, in decision-making and in the creation of youth initiatives. We do regular meetings in our Youth Space based in Sliven, where we discuss all of these crucial topics. We organise big events on a local level such as European Parliament Stimulations, Debates, Hackathons, Clean ups, trees planting, engagement in social activities, forest walks, support to different local institutions, meetings with the Ukrainian community in Sliven and introducing their struggles because of the war to the youngsters; informative campaigns on bullying and its prevention of all of its forms and types; we also have gathered a petition for the first Green Roof in Sliven; our organisation has also adopted bee hives through a national platform for bee preservation called ("Осинови Кошер") and so much more.



And in case you are a young person, living in Bulgaria and you would like to join an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange - we invite you to regularly follow all of our social media channels, so you do not miss any of our future Erasmus+ opportunities

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