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Organizing and facilitating all types of events, camps, symposiums, Erasmus+ youth exchanges, and training courses and all types of informal educational training. 



We believe in engaging young people in activities and projects that will motivate and inspire them. We offer a wide variety of activities and projects for young people with the opportunity to learn, grow, and discover themselves. With our activities and projects, we strive to empower young people to reach their full potential.



In our organisation we do mainly Erasmus+ activities in the field of leaving no one behind on topics such as environment, equal rights and civic education. We also devote our efforts towards youth engagement in social issues, in politics, in decision-making and in the creation of youth initiatives. 



Our youth organization specializes in organizing events for youth in Bulgaria. We provide projects that allow youth to participate in city events, explore new places, and travel. Our goal is to enable youth to have fun while learning and developing new skills.

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