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The responsibility for the future is in the hands of us - the youth, and what we aim at is to train youngsters to become the ambassadors of a more sustainable society. We help the integration of vulnerable youth groups from our society-unemployed youth, youth with health problems, youth with fewer opportunities, students and pupils, youth with fewer opportunities, youth from minorities-more specifically Roma youth, unemployed youth, youth with fewer educational opportunities.

Most of us, volunteers, and founders of Academy for Active Youth are what we are thanks to Erasmus+ and the opportunities for learning, development, and awareness that were given to us. Therefore we feel passionate about continue distributing these opportunities to more and more youngsters, by creating projects that are of high value for us as facilitators and for our participants.
The causes that we keep close to our hearts are more youth in agriculture, more developed rural areas, thanks to the youth, youth in social entrepreneurship, youth in politics, and youth in education. We consider that it is the youth who brings the new, therefore we feel the need to give our best to prepare the foundations of active youth society in Bulgaria and in Europe.
Main field of activities: Youth participation activities related towards Roma youth opportunities and employment, reduce of discrimination between the different ethnicities in Bulgaria; bee-saving and protection eco activities; developing rural areas and attracting youth to agriculture 

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Non-formal education

Our organisation believes that the most important education a person can get that is the non-formal one.


The goal of volunteering is to create positive impacts on individuals, communities, and society as a whole.

Erasmus+ Activities

The Erasmus+ field, in all of its spheres- is our favorite type of experience.

Soft skills Development

Nowadays there is a new set of skills which are the most highly needed ones - and these are the Soft Skills

Youth participation

Young people are a third of the population but 100% of the future. 


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Bulgaria, Sofia 1000

You can also find us in Sliven, Varna and Targovishte 

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