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Look at my skill, not at my skin 2.0

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Since the first version of the project resulted in a huge sucess and a game changer for the participants. The idea for a second edition of the project came when our participants shared that they would like to experience the more upgraded version of the project where they can communicate with decision-makers on the European Level, create a crossroad that will impact with its message to the locals from Sliven, and learn more in-depth how Roma youngsters can equally participate in education, employment, decision-making, and the unforgettable journey called Erasmus+


Check this video made by our dedicated volunteers about the elections of European Parlament

There is a considerable lack of opportunities for development, equal employability, youth participation, Erasmus+, and traveling for the Romani youngsters in Sliven, Bulgaria. That is why the project aims: -To support the participants in being able to address and articulate in front of decision-makers the challenges they face and to start a change -To fight against prejudice and discrimination and at the same time aim at equal treatment, education, employability, and opportunities for the Roma youngsters -To fulfill the needs of our target group, introducing the participants on a deeper level in youth participation and showing them how to follow their passions are among the biggest objectives of the project -To have a positive impact on the participation and inclusion of Roma young people in Bulgaria and in Europe

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