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How To Stop Negative Self Talk

Hello and Happy Thursday, everybody.

Did you ever asked the question how you can stop negative self talk? Yeah, we're living in the middle of Global Pandemic and for sure we have more time to think about positive or negative stuffs in our minds...

In this article you can find 3 ways to stop think negative about yourself and grab the life with full hands with positive thinking !!

1. Recognize The Voice

To gain control over your inner critic and end the negative self-talk, you first need to be aware of the voice. You might be saying, “I already know I have an issue with negative self-talk.” Yes, we understand that. But you need to recognize it when it is occurring.

Most of our thoughts happen so fast, we aren’t even aware they are happening. Paying attention to your thoughts can help you recognize that voice and really notice when it is present.

2. Separate The Critic From Yourself

Guess what, that negative voice, that critic, isn’t really you! That voice is a result of life experiences that have been internalized like criticism or expectations from society or others. It is important to be able to separate the voice from yourself so it will no longer have power over you.

3. Be Nice To Yourself

The best way to stop negative self-talk is to have an inner BFF. It is easy to call yourself names like ugly or fat or dumb. But would you say those things to your best friend? Of course, you wouldn’t. So why would you say them to yourself? Instead of being negative, say something encouraging as you would to a friend. Be understanding and give yourself a little compassion. You’d be surprised at how much better you will feel.

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