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Online Workshop - First Step To Europe

Academy for Active Youth had the pleasure to host the final online workshop of the STEP project

Having a workshop where we integrated and got to know the participants from the four partner countries, in order to generate joint ideas for future youth initiatives. We invited yougsters interested to attend other future activitie

During the workshop, there were presented conclusions of each study visit from the partnering countries and each participant was able to share very interesting realisations from their own experience. The cultural diversity workshop focused on a very important aspect of integration. It was extremely important

to understand the intercultural differences and that the integration that involved all participants during the different stages of the project.

Thanks to the host - Mirolsava Madzarova we analyzed how culture shapes verbal communication - we discussed the role of language in the context of intercultural communication and we looked at the pitfalls of non-verbal communication at the crossroads of cultures - emotions in intercultural communication

You can join the continuation of the STEP project, where we will develop a product and include even more youngsters - by contacting us

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