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One step closer to Europe- take that step with us

We say Europe, what would you say..?

More Europeans live in democracies and more Europeans subscribe to the values of democracy in their day to day lives than ever before. At the same time, however, there is the strong geographical obstacles of rural youth - not being able to get closer to Europe. And that is exactly what the Erasmus+ small scale "STEP"- first step to Europe aims to achieve. The project consortium aims to bring closer to Europe as many youngsters from rural areas closer to Europe.

One of our regular workshops which we do with the rural youth we work with is on the topic of fake news.

“We should really fight against fake news and misinformation”

First step to Europe- is it possible even in the small, rural areas- yes it is)

Taking the first step to European citizenship might seem impossible in rural areas but thanks to the funded by the Erasmus+ plus program of the European Union it is more than possible. During the duration of the project we are constantly discussing sustainable ways of how we can get closer to Europe, the youngsters who are geagraphically further away from it 🇪🇺

By regularly discussing and implementing ideas on how we can provide the right opportunities for youngsters from rural areas and exchanging cooperational exchange on the topic our organisations become way more effective and prepared on the topic.

In case you want to take the first step to Europe with us you can join out further project events

The “STEP” one step to Europe continues with its influential work!) do not miss to be part of it )

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