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Bogi shares the learned from the "One Step Closer To Europe" Project

During our meeting in Drama, Greece Bogi and Hrisi (one of our most active young leaders and European ambassadors) were able to learn so much regarding youth policies, youth participation, youth leadership and community building. Bogi and Hrisi have made their first step to Europe long ago when they started being active in the youth sphere and by motiving many other youngsters to join the Erasmus+ program,.

Bogi shared the learned from the 2nd Step project meeting, by implementing the activities which she learned from other young leaders during the cooperational meeting.

By explaining in detail and providing activities for her peers, Bogi had the opportunity to explain them more for youth engagement, rural development, active youth citizenship and the importance of taking the first step to Europe. The youngsters were incredibly impressed by the learned from Bogi during our 2nd STEP meeting. She also shared stories from all of the organisations and institutions she has visited during the meeting,

Disseminating the leaned and passing the knowledge down the line to more and more youngsters is one of the most important things for Academy for Active Youth.

The organisation operates mainly in rural areas and works with youngsters with fewer opportunities. By providing them with the opportunity to take the first step to Europe, for most of them this step is a game changer and a life changing opportunity.

In March we are going to held a Youth Festival and Conference in the town of Sliven and you are welcomed to join us! More details are coming soon. so stay tuned)

Taking the first step to Europe is one of the best steps you can take and why don't you take it with us?

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